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Correction of information about Circus Royal. At the end of the entrée it was Victoria's cousin Jimmy, who jumped up on elephants back. Point of interest: here we find - again - another example of the entertainment  that is offered particularly to the smallest ones, by various theatres, and rather in the afternoon when these premises otherwise would remain empty. Elegant, skilful, thrilling and original. But since Benny Berdino rebuilded his winter quarters and established a giant sea lion pool (much larger than the one in Zoo in Copenhagen) Addie has spent more and more time in Denmark where you can meet her. At Circus Scott's website is written (my translation Circus Scott builds a beautiful Winter Circus Palace at the circus lot at Gärdet in Stockholm. Both last Friday / Saturday as the upcoming Friday / Saturday Jimmy will perform at a Christmas party at Vojens Hotel. But of cause a circus has to treat their animals in a proper way. The 6 piece orchestra was led by Circus Dannebrogs former bandmaster Ryszard Murakowski. In autumn holidays the Danish audience could see Husiks now award winning act in the tent outside the Bilka supermarket in Holstebro. Freddy and Martina will on the stage every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. The tour ends at Örebro 9th September after visiting 15 Swedish cities. The answer is yes, and then everyone is asked to stand and join hands with each other and bow.

And as an encore - oh! One medium sized circus, Circus Baldoni, and 3 dog and pony-shows (what Americans calls high grass circuses) Circus Arli, Circus Krone (not to be mistaken for the hair choice herning 130 euro in dkk mighty German Circus Krone!) and Circus Mascot. But Arne Björk has the artist's agile suppleness and the actors mimic expression. In Denmark schools are closed in either week 7 or week. Although the Shanghai Troupe Acrobatique also got gold clown, they was almost overseen compared to the enthusiasm for the Cassellys. Ditte Lill and one of her pigeons. Since its establishment, more than.7 million children have enjoyed live performances in 25 provinces of Afghanistan. It is about 2,000 more than the year before. To the Finnish newspaper HBL Carl-Gustav Jernström says: "Before, we were second class citizens, now we are acknowledged as cultural providers. Hassan was followed by the talented German mimic. For a number of guests a visit to Circus Summarum was without doubt instead of a visit to one of the real circuses. They will never be made ridicule. Afterwards Line Vittrup joined Danish Circus Baldoni, where she met the knockabout table acrobat Freddie Steckel, which whom she has worked ever since. Children and adults can go on a journey where together they have to find Merlin's lost wand. And the Circus Princess Mrs. But it is quickly forgotten when you close to the station at the Møntergaard building (built 1846) see the performance by clown Jody, aka Arne Björk. Fortunately, Circus Arli has their own: Martino. The clowns TOM AND pepe, respectively from USA and Spain, amuse the audience, they have several entrées and both have a remarkable mimicry that reaches well out into the audience who are seated at a distance as always in a circus, they are very good. After 3 months Circus Scandinavia ran out of money. As always when a program is published several months before the tour start there can be changes in the program. The super talent Rene. The point of interest, as I see it, is that the children were treated to a show on stage in a real theatre, sporting red velvet seats and nicely decorated - the real theatrical atmosphere was thus there. "It's time once again to gather around the ring in 'Denmarks Family Circus Circus Mascot writes on their website, adding: "Welcome to showtime 2012. In is probably a form of dressage riding. DUO guodi (Iana and Sacha Guodi) comes from Italy and does a Risley act,.e. Due to this they will hardly get success in Copenhagen. The press release states (my translation Sensational Gold Party at Circus Arena - For the first time in the circus story the Monte Carlos world-famous gold clown went to Denmark to the Casselly-Berdino family from Circus Arena.

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As last year, Marianne was assisted by Andreas. Arnados Circus tent in Kragerø Duo Peris Andreas Quaiser with ponies. Two other artists from the North Korean circus present a pas de deux in trapeze. In addition, we meet Isabel Anobian, Raymond. In such acts it is usually the male partner who does everything, while the female partner is just decoration. Not at least the children loved this run-in which had elements from the legendary George Karl's battle with a microphone. Click here to watch the trailer, which runs for a little more than two minutes.